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What are the simple tips for distinguishing the quality of flame retardants?
编辑:Fujian Wynca Technology Co.,Ltd时间:2021-04-19

Flame-retardant board, also known as flame-retardant board, flame-retardant plywood, flame-retardant plywood, etc., is made by rotary cutting logs into wood chips or slicing wood into small wooden squares. After flame-retardant treatment, the wood chips are glued together with adhesive. Three-layer or multi-layer plywood usually uses odd layers of wood chips, and glues the fiber directions of adjacent layers of wood chips perpendicular to each other. In office decoration, flame-retardant board is an indispensable basic board, but there are so many brands on the market. How can customers identify the pros and cons of flame retardants?

One "touching": It is to touch whether the surface of the board is smooth by hand.

Second "burning": It is to cut a small strip with a blade, burn it with a lighter, observe the extinguishing time, see if there is a dark fire, and compare it with ordinary boards.

Three "pinches": pinch the core of the board with your nails, whether it feels hard or soft; then use your nails to pinch the parts close to the board surface to observe whether the surface layer is easily peeled off.

The fourth "bubble" is to soak a small sample plate in cold water for 24 hours and observe how much the thickness increases. This item is the most critical.

Flame retardant board

Five "cuts": Whether the customer needs the entire flame-retardant board to be used in its entirety, or to use after cutting, it is necessary to check the internal structure of the flame-retardant board, high-quality flame-retardant board, after cutting, the material is tight , Will not be loose, still flat. After the inferior flame-retardant board is cut, the board becomes loose and even split directly to be unusable. The flame-retardant board can play a key role in guaranteeing at the critical moment, so when you accept it, you might as well cut a small piece of flame-retardant board to check the quality.

The above is what the editor wants to say about the simple tips for distinguishing the quality of flame retardants. If you have other needs for flame retardants, you can contact us Taizhou Ruishite New Material Co., Ltd.! ! !