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Magnesium hydroxide has unlimited prospects in the high-end flame retardant market
编辑:Fujian Wynca Technology Co.,Ltd时间:2019-05-10

Magnesium hydroxide is a new type of filled flame retardant. It releases bound water during thermal decomposition and absorbs a large amount of latent heat, thereby reducing the surface temperature of the filled synthetic material in the flame and inhibiting polymer decomposition And the effect of cooling the generated combustible gas. Magnesium oxide produced by thermal decomposition of magnesium hydroxide is an ideal refractory material. In addition to helping to optimize the fire resistance of synthetic materials, the water vapor released by decomposition also has a smoke suppression effect. Therefore, in the rubber industry, magnesium hydroxide is a recognized high-quality flame retardant with three functions of smoke suppression, filling and flame retardancy. At present, in the field of communication cables, the consumption of inorganic flame retardants in foreign countries such as Japan, the European Union, and the United States exceeds 64%, while China only accounts for 8%. As an inorganic flame retardant, magnesium hydroxide not only has the effect of flame retardant, but also has the function of suppressing smoke. In the fire, more than 80% of the victims were not burned to death, but asphyxiated due to heavy smoke. The addition of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant can greatly reduce the smoke density during combustion and reduce the risk factor of people being choked to death. Secondly, the polymer material will have the effect of heat insulation after adding magnesium hydroxide. Once burned, magnesium hydroxide will form a thin film of magnesium oxide. This layer of magnesium oxide film is resistant to high temperatures, can prevent further combustion, isolate the air from other combustibles, and improve people's chances of survival in the event of a fire. Although the market for high-end magnesium hydroxide flame retardants is still dominated by five manufacturers from the United States, Japan, and Israel, Wuxi Zehui Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to breaking this pattern. After 50 years of development, it has become one of the largest domestic companies that integrate R&D, manufacturing and sales of new materials such as magnesium compounds. It has independent import and export rights and has passed the ISO9001 international quality certification system. Now it has developed a new type of environmentally friendly nanomaterials that can completely replace foreign imported products, filling the domestic gap, changing the phenomenon that my country can only rely on imported products in the past, and occupying many industries such as liquid crystal glass, lithium batteries, ceramics, and plastics. It has a market share of more than 50% of high-end products. With the rapid development of my country's synthetic polymer materials industry and the continuous improvement and improvement of flame retardant laws and regulations, the demand for flame retardants has increased. As a non-toxic, smoke-suppressing environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardant, the demand for magnesium hydroxide is even more urgent. my country is also a country with large magnesium resources, with unique resource advantages and good market prospects. Therefore, the future development of magnesium hydroxide flame retardants is bound to have a bright future.