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Fujian Wynca "Annual Production of 150,000 tons of Phosphorus Flame Retardant Product Project" mainly produces phosphate and subphosphate flame retardant, phosphorus pentachloride and other products. A total investment of 1.2 billion Yuan is divided into two phases. The first phase is planned to be completed by 2022, and the second phase is planned to be completed by 2024.

Xin'an Group was founded in 1965 and is located in Jiande City, Zhejiang Province. It was listed in September 2001. It is one of China’s top 500 chemical companies and one of the top 20 global agrochemical sales companies. The implementation of the strategy of modernization will transform into a modern service-oriented enterprise of "manufacturing + platform+ services".

The company's main business is crop protection and organic silicon materials. Among them, the development of crop protection has formed a product group dominated by glyphosate technical and formulation products, and multiple varieties of pesticides, fungicides, etc., have been developed simultaneously. At the same time, using "nongfeike" as a platform, it has entered the field of aviation plant protection and provided Crop protection solutions to create a comprehensive agricultural service ecosystem. Organosilicon materials revolve around monomer synthesis, building a complete industrial chain from silicon ore smelting, silicon powder processing, monomer synthesis, and downstream product processing, forming four series of products including silicone rubber, silicone oil, silicone resin, and silane coupling agent, which are widely used In biotechnology, aerospace, medical and health, building materials, electrical and electronic, new energy and other fields, it is sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and it has become a silicone company with advantages in the entire industry chain.

Fujian Xin'an Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xin'an Group. The company is a new phosphorus-based base of the group. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of flame retardants and new flame retardant materials. The company will invest 260 acres of land in the next 4 years10 100 million yuan to build a new flame-retardant material project. In the next 10 years, we will strive to invest 5.16 billion yuan in 1,000 acres of land to build a new material industrial park in Xin’an; Fujian Xin’an takes full advantage of the circular economy of the industrial park and accelerates the construction of new flame-retardant new materials. It is helpful for the company to accelerate the industrial layout of phosphorus-based flame retardants and new flame retardant materials, optimize the structure, and enhance the company's competitiveness. At the same time, it is beneficial for the company to focus on the future, realize transformation and upgrading, develop new materials industry, and seek new development space.

In the future, Xin'an will adhere to the core values of "customer first, contribution-oriented, hard work, co-creation and sharing", while creating value, happy employees, achieving customers, giving back to society, and committed to becoming an enterprise of the times and creating an era Wonderful.