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Chloride Propyl Three Phosphate Ester, Phosphate (dichloro Ethyl) Three Ester Phosphate Chemical Industry Such As Polyurethane Quotation Checking Yesterday
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-07-27

Yesterday, the domestic has three (ii) chloride propyl ester phosphate, phosphoric acid (dichloro ethyl) three esters such as phosphoric acid chemical market strong consolidation, the supplier on August prices to support the market point of view, although some dealer to discuss supply of goods shipped to save space in July, but by the end of most slower adipic acid production enterprises spot delivery, together with the supplier buyout firm, the market offer intentions generally strong, now is a strong finishing adipic acid market in China.

Closed yesterday, eastern China, shandong supply price 7600-7700 yuan/ton acceptance, LiaoHua supply cash 7800 yuan/ton; In south China, shandong supply price 7600 yuan/ton, LiaoHua sources offer 7700-7800 yuan/ton; In north China, shandong supply price 7600-7700 yuan/ton.


Yesterday, the domestic market of BDO sideways, offer a slightly higher price. Market as a whole


Yesterday, the domestic market of epoxy propane high consolidation, continuation of low load operation, the main part of the factory floor still tight spot, part of the main manufacturers offer yesterday continued to increase, the expected low-end save catch up today, discuss the overall focus is expected to continue to move up, the raw material propylene, liquid chlorine disadvantaged consolidation price, epoxy propane again profitable period, domestic ring c prices expected high strength by the end of this month.

Closed yesterday, spot price 9400-9650 yuan/ton in north China, east China spot to price 9800-9900 yuan/ton, the spot price in south China, 9200-9300 yuan/ton.


Yesterday, the domestic market of polyether offer upward, the court cheap supply of goods shipment is slightly better, but weak demand pushed by, real single focus up and as Jin Ling epoxy propyl ?


Yesterday, the domestic market of DMF narrow Yin fell. Downstream demand is insufficient, DMF the intention of the product in the supplier increases, some lower price to stimulate go goods, traders suitable amount of replenishment, the foreign offer also slightly loose, under the pressure of supply and demand, weak short-term domestic DMF market is expected to narrow.

Closed yesterday, shandong and north China market mainstream talks in 3750-3800 yuan/tons of acceptance to discuss jiangsu market in 4050-4100 yuan/tons of acceptance to the zhejiang market mainstream prices in 4150-4200 yuan/tons of acceptance to the nearby the guangdong market talks in 4200-4250 yuan/ton for acceptance.

Pure MDI

Yesterday, the domestic market of pure MDI finishing operation, support of supply and demand is insufficient, clinch a deal on atmosphere, short-term downstream concentrate slurry, sole market is still in the off-season, the overall demand for ascension is limited, ? near the end of the month

Polymeric MDI

Yesterday, the domestic polymeric MDI (dichloro ethyl) phosphate ester, phosphate (ii) chloride propyl ester three temporary stability operation, such as market supply and demand of news is calm, the market talks focus continued smoothly, are waiting for factory latest quotation guidance, stabilizing middlemen offer accompanying shipment, downstream demand continued downturn, increases with the increasing in use is given priority to, short-term market is expected to steady consolidation.

Yesterday, the east China area wanhua supply offer 12200-12300 yuan/ton, Shanghai source quoted price 11400-11500 yuan/ton, 11200-11300 yuan/ton, Japan and South Korea supply intention; In south China, 12200-12300 yuan/ton, wanhua supply offer sign up for 11300-11400 yuan/ton, Shanghai sourcing, Japan and South Korea supply intention of 11200-11200 yuan/ton; In north China, 12200-12300 yuan/ton, wanhua supply offer Shanghai source quoted price 11400-11500 yuan/ton, Japan and South Korea supply intention,