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The Danish Phosphorus-containing Flame Retardant Research Of Children's Products
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-07-25

   Recently, the Danish environmental protection agency issued on the eu market sales of children's products containing phosphorus flame retardants TCPP, TDCP, TCEP study, aimed at the future within the eu introduced to children's products will provide a scientific basis for regulation of specific material. According to the survey, by testing the car safety seat almost half contains TCPP and TCDP, otherwise a few contain TCEP. In addition, the flame retardant also exists in the baby carrier, baby stroller, crib, headphones and other products. Quantitative analysis shows that its existence in the foam of the products and textile parts, and will migrate to people's sweat. Report also discusses the economic and technically feasible alternatives and the status of the risk, etc.