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Phosphorus-containing flame retardants have? It is a principle of flame retardant?
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-07-02

Varieties of organic phosphorus in phosphorus flame retardants are mostly oily, add them easily in polymer processing, usually in polyurethane foam, soft PVC, transformer oil, cellulose resins, used in natural and synthetic rubber.

Phosphorus flame retardant is mainly divided into inorganic phosphorus and organic phosphorus flame retardants. The main products of inorganic flame retardant containing phosphorus flame retardant of red phosphorus, ammonium phosphate and ammonium Polyphosphate, etc. Advantages are good stability, not of inorganic phosphorus and no corrosive gases, lasting effect and low toxicity. Among them, the flame retardant of red phosphorus flame retardant is obviously better than phosphate esters.

Phosphorus-containing additives in the condensed phase, its mechanism is as follows:

① to form phosphoric acid distribution as a dehydrating agent and promote carbon, carbon build reduces heat conduction from the flame to the condensed phase.

② phosphate heat, because it prevents the oxidation of CO to CO2, reducing the heating process.

③ on condensed phase formed a layer thin of glass-like of or liquid of cover, so reduced has oxygen diffusion gas phase and solid Zhijian of heat and quality passed, inhibit has carbon oxidation process, reduced has containing p flame retardant agent heated decomposition occurred following changes: p Department flame retardant agent → phosphate partial → phosphate → poly partial phosphate, poly partial phosphate is easily volatile of stable compounds, has strong dehydration sex, in polymer table collection real and air isolated; prolapse of water absorption large of hot, makes polymer surface flame retardant agent heated decomposition release out volatile sex p of real , By mass spectrometry analysis showed that deposit the hydrogen atom concentration is greatly reduced, that PO* capture H*, PO*+H*=HPO.

Phosphorus flame retardant flame retardant alone ineffective phosphorus flame retardant flame retardant effect is that prompted the initial decomposition of polymers during dehydration and carbonization. This dehydration step carbide must rely on oxygen-containing groups of the polymer itself, for structure with epoxy group-containing polymers. Their effect will be better. For polypropylene, which, because of their molecular structure without oxygen-containing groups, phosphorus flame retardant flame retardant to be ineffective when used alone, but if Al (0H) 3 and Mg (OH) 2 compound to generate synergies, so as to get a good flame retardant.