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The use of good flame retardant TCEP completes the fire prevention safety
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-06-30

In we of daily in the often can heard appalling of fire message, fire reasons many, like wire short-circuit raised fire, ceiling fire raised fire, cigarette not out raised fire, curtains fire raised fire, outside wall insulation board fire raised fire and so on, most when is because by with material no strictly of according to related of fire security standard do is good of flame retardant, a small flames on fast of raised has fire, no to people time to escape, Was a lot of hot burning to death or by the amount of poisonous gas suffocation, lead to disaster. Scientists compare add TCEP flame retardant and do not add the TCEP flame retardant material Burns concluded:

Add an effective fire suppression of flame retardant, delay the spread of fire, led to a increase in the fire escape that nine times. Imagine if all the material in a public place in accordance with national standards made it flame retardant, the fire would have been avoided, or casualties can be reduced a lot, would not be so many tragic events. Because there is no good implementation of national standards for fire-retardant treated materials, there will be so many fires, will make people think of flame retardants is optional, as a student of a flame, I feel very sad about the fact, but also more determined to do flame retardants cause determination.

To flame retardant materials in all areas, to provide people with safe materials, while more should do is every citizen have the right view of flame retardant. Flame retardant not completely of block burning, not added has flame retardant agent on will completely of security, it more of is delay has fire of spread, postponed has detonation burning of time, for rescue life property won time; although now often also will heard fire of message, this does not can description flame retardant agent no exists of need, to know, because flame retardant agent of exists, fire of number has has is big of reduced, casualties number has has reduced, United States since 70 generation began strictly on TV for, The move proves the existence of flame retardants due to television caught fire and the fire caused the number dropped by half, flame retardants are essential; add flame retardant materials after burning will produce smoke, but the smoke is not sufficient to have an impact on human health.

Flame retardant agent is effective of fire layer, can block or slows down fire of spread, but more important of is we everyone are should has strongly of security fire consciousness, conscious of elimination fire hidden, like pumping had of cigarette to out off, flammable real away from fire, fire to away from liquefied petroleum gas body pipeline and so on, as long as each citizens are has consciousness of fire, each a bit producers are should firm of implementation implementation fire security standard, makes each a products are meet fire requirements, so we of national on will security many, There won't be so much tragedy!