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chloride propyl three phosphate ester related introduction
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-06-24

Phosphoric acid (chloride-propyl) tri-: name: TRIS (Dichloro-propyl) phosphate, English name: TRIS (1,3-dichloropropyl) phosphate,CAS number: 40120-74-9, molecular formula: C9H15Cl6O4P, molecular weight: molecular formula is C9H15Cl6O4P 430.9048, 430.9048,CAS registration number 40120-74-9 molecular weight, a common catalysts and additives.

Phosphate (two chlorine c base) three ester is combined has p and chlorine of phosphate ester, thus on plastic, and rubber products has good of flame retardant and increased plastic performance, phosphate (two chlorine c base) three Ester in both at home and abroad has as flame retardant agent was widely for PVC, and polyurethane soft, and hard bubble, and acetate cellulose, and nitro cellulose paint, and b base fiber paint and the difficult burning rubber, and rubber transport with in the. Products available with self-extinguishing, weather resistance, cold resistance, anti-static, soft to the touch, adding 5~10. Rigid polyurethane foam oxygen index (LOI) up to 26. Also can be used as extreme pressure additive of lubricating oil, gas paint additive, hot coolant and metal magnesium. Use a galvanized drum packaging net weight 250 kg. Storage temperatures under 5 ° c between ~38, when stored for a long time, not exceeding 35 ℃, and air dry. Used for strips, massive flame retardant foam production. It is a low-cost flame retardant and good stability.

Phosphoric acid (chloride-propyl) three esters are widely used in rubber and PVC plastic flame-retardant conveyor belt, leather, agricultural film, flooring materials, cables, flame retardant neoprene, nitrile rubber, synthetic rubber plasticizers, flame retardants of epoxy resin.