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As fire retardant manufacturer is very important to development and application of environmental protection flame retardant?
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-06-24

With the growing awareness about environmental protection, safety, health, finding a balance between fire prevention and environmental protection, is the future development of flame retardant flame retardant manufacturer important node. Countries around the world began to put environmental protection flame retardant flame retardant manufacturer as the focus of the research, development and application. Flame retardants classified by effective elements, can be divided into phosphorus, chlorine, bromine and antimony, aluminum, boron flame retardants, etc. According to the effective elements in flame retardant and fire retardant can be divided into halogen-free flame retardants, bromine flame retardants, halogen - LinXie with flame retardants and other flame retardants, these environmentally friendly flame retardant has broad application prospects in liquid fire retardant suppliers.

Environmental protection flame retardant one: halogen-free flame retardants

Halogen free, low smoke, low toxicity of environment