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Phosphorus-containing Flame Retardant Mechanism Of The Flame Retardant
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-09-19

The flame retardant mechanism of phosphorus-containing flame retardants mainly form isolation film to achieve flame retardant effect, there are two kinds of ways to form isolation.   


(1) the use of thermal degradation products of flame retardant prompted carbonization of polymer surface rapidly and dehydration, and carbonized layer. Due to the evaporation of elemental carbon not to produce flame combustion and decomposition combustion, therefore, has a flame retardant protective function. Phosphorus-containing flame retardants for oxygen flame retardant effect of polymer has been this way. The reason is that the end product of thermal decomposition of phosphorus compounds is poly phosphoric acid, and it is a strong dehydrating agent.   


(2) the phosphorus-containing flame retardant on the combustion temperature decomposition generated non-volatile vitreous material, it is coated on the surface of polymer, this kind of dense protective layer of isolation layer.