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ChinaPU polyurethane foam flame retardant market daily comments
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-07-02

Yesterday, the domestic polyurethane foam flame retardant with phosphoric acid (dichloropropyl) triglyceride / phosphoric acid (dichloroethyl) triglyceride market running lightly, the main intention of supporting suppliers, the majority of manufacturers inventory pressure is not the end of the month Market offer temporarily stable, downstream procurement on demand, concerned about the new capacity of the progress of the supply side, the market just need to be poor, long and short game, the market market temporarily narrow sideways.

Yesterday in the closing, the East China region, Shandong supply price 7300-7400 yuan / ton acceptance, Xinjiang overdue 7300-7400 yuan / ton cash; South China, Shandong supply price 7300-7400 yuan / ton, Xinjiang supply offer 7300-7400 yuan / Ton; North China, Shandong supply price 7350-7400 yuan / ton, Xinjiang overcrowding 7400 yuan / ton.


Yesterday, the domestic BDO market consolidation, to discuss the stalemate. Downstream demand side in the off-season, the support efforts are weak, the overall atmosphere of the venue flat, to maintain the order of the main long, is expected to domestic BDO market temporary sideways.

Yesterday's closing, the South China region BDO market price of 7300-7500 yuan / ton. East China BDO market price of 7200-7500 yuan / ton.


Yesterday, the domestic propylene oxide market high pressure, continue to narrow down, the market to discuss the focus to the low-end tilt. Raw material liquid chlorine prices bottomed out, the cost of low PO prices, coupled with the weak side of the weak polyether market purchasing weak PO, the domestic propylene oxide social inventory pressure rise, the end of the month, the market opened the mouth, focus on the afternoon Offer.

Yesterday, the closing price in North China 8050-8150 yuan / ton, the East China region to the price of 8400-8500 yuan / ton, in southern China cash price 7900-8000 yuan / ton.


Yesterday, the domestic polyether light wait and see, the demand for tightening the situation, the manufacturers of new single amount, the delivery of pre-order-based, with Jinling offer again down, the individual cost of the pressure of small polyether manufacturers difficult ship Pressure, offer down with the line, is expected today, some manufacturers of domestic polyether with the expected decline, the other cost of the larger pressure on the manufacturers, may be temporarily stabilized consolidation, market outlook, down trend in the downward trend, the proposed caution with the city.

Yesterday closing, soft foam polyether market in North China market price of 8300-8600 yuan / ton, the East China market price of 8600-8900 yuan / ton, the South China market price 8700-9000 yuan / ton.


Yesterday, the domestic DMF market running lightly. Mainstream factory temporary price sales, poor downstream poor buying, traders actively take the volume of shipping, to discuss the follow-up in general. Methanol narrow range of raw materials, the cost of a narrow range of good support. The current market more than wait and see the factory inventory, short-term based on factory inventory pressure is not expected to maintain the market temporarily to run the consolidation, but taking into account the weak downstream demand, the long-term market trend stable weak.

Yesterday, Shandong and North China market to discuss the mainstream in the 3900-3950 yuan / ton acceptance to the Jiangsu market to discuss in the 4100-4200 yuan / ton acceptance to the mainstream of the market in Zhejiang market in the 4200-4300 yuan / ton near the acceptance, Guangdong market negotiations in the 4250-4300 yuan / ton acceptance to.

Pure MDI

Yesterday, the domestic market, a narrow range of pure MDI finishing, the market at the end of the market wait and see mood, the supply is still not abundant, but the demand is also tired, the trading atmosphere has not yet seen an increase, the current industry more wait and see manufacturers listing settlement news, And the same month last month, the supply and demand side support under the conditions of the market today is expected to finishing.

Yesterday closing, the East China region in Shanghai supply negotiations in the 16200-16700 yuan / ton in the vicinity, Wanhua, NPU supply 16500-17000 yuan / ton; South China Shanghai supply talks in the 16300-16900 yuan / ton, million, NPU supply 16600-17200 Yuan / ton.

Polymerization MDI

Yesterday, the domestic polymerization MDI market consolidation, Wanhua latest listing was flat last month is limited, the venue to discuss the focus continued smooth, the industry more waiting for other factory news, the downstream inquiry scarce, real single transaction stalemate, is expected to run short-term market consolidation.

Yesterday, the East China Wanhua supply offer 12700-12800 yuan / ton, Shanghai supply price 11900-12000 yuan / ton, Japan and South Korea supply intention 11800-11900 yuan / ton; South China, Wanhua supply offer 12700-12900 yuan / Ton, Shanghai supply more than 11900-12100 yuan / ton, Japan and South Korea supply intention 11800-11900 yuan / ton; North China, Wanhua supply offer 12700-12800 yuan / ton, Shanghai supply price 11900-12100 yuan / ton, Japan and South Korea supply intention 11900-12000 yuan / ton.


Yesterday, the domestic TDI market weak operation, the mainstream trading offer fluctuations, the factory to continue to limited supply, but the hands of businesses leaving more stock, good support industry outlook weak market outlook, active shipments mainly, short-term market is expected to continue Weakness.

Yesterday's closing, the East China region, domestic supply market mainstream price 14500-14700 yuan / ton, Shanghai supply market mainstream price of 15200-15400 yuan / ton. South China, domestic supply market price 13700-13800 yuan / ton (without votes), Shanghai supply market mainstream price 14500-14700 yuan / ton (without votes). North China, domestic supply market mainstream price of 14600-14800 yuan / ton, the mainstream of the Shanghai supply market to discuss the price of 15200-15500 yuan / ton.