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Britain withdrew the: theory and practice of polyurethane hard foam flame retardant effect?
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-07-02

United Kingdom Ou Gong cast back is near at hand, despite recent polls showing liuoupai regained the upper hand, but if the result of the referendum is won back Europe, what would happen then? United Kingdom will smooth the process of withdrawal from the EU? Polyurethane rigid foam flame retardant will be affected?

In theory, if the United Kingdom public referendum result is returned-Europe, seems fairly simple exit after Credit Suisse are summarized as follows:

United Kingdom preliminary consultations with the EU, followed by United Kingdom Prime Minister to the President of the European Council sent a letter to express United Kingdom want EU Treaty 50th article to discuss idea of withdrawal from the EU.

Two years later, the United Kingdom will automatically leave the EU, unless the other 27 countries of the European Union unanimously agreed to extend the talks. If this is the case, then negotiations will continue up to the end, then United Kingdom out of the EU.

Specific procedures are as follows:

However, the fact is not so simple. Credit Suisse said that after the referendum is over the potential for political and economic turmoil will trigger a series of events that will disrupt the process.

Credit Suisse believes that there are two major factors that increase the complexity of Europe back:


If the result is SW back slightly ahead of the referendum, then the United Kingdom Government at the Executive retreat-Europe programme, will be resisted by Parliament, especially if Europe leads United Kingdom cannot easily enter the EU's single market.


In the course of negotiations after the vote, if the United Kingdom's ties with the EU appears uncertain, United Kingdom into recession, it will lead to United Kingdom public support again in Europe.

Credit Suisse said that if Europeans are ahead in a referendum following a massive economic turmoil does not appear, then the process of withdrawal from the EU will be relatively smooth. However, if European victory, or United Kingdom economic recession lead to reverse public opinion, might deter the United Kingdom eventually in the European Union.

This complex process is as follows:

Credit Suisse also said that from the above rough estimates that, if the United Kingdom referendum results are out, so the possibility of eventual successful exit for 70%.