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Polyurethane hard foam flame retardant CR - 504 markets around the world are expected to peak in 2024
Edit: Taizhou New Material Co., Ltd.Date: 2016-07-02

  • According to Grand research company's report showed that global CR-504 polyurethane rigid foam flame retardant market by 2024, is expected to reach us $ 91.96 billion. Building insulation plates and bedding and furniture industry, high demand is expected to drive industry growth.

  • Due to waste reduction, recovery improvement of polyurethane foam plastics consumption is expected to increase significantly and reduce energy consumption throughout the life cycle. Terminals, such as packaging and footwear rising demand is expected to drive growth. Governments and federal agencies are paying more attention to using isocyanate adversely affected. Out of concern for toxicity and sustainability, PU industry has recently stopped using chlorinated fluorocarbons foaming agent.

  • 2015 global polyurethane rigid foam flame retardant market demand was 9.46 million tons, is expected to reach 12.74 million tons by 2024, a compound annual growth rate of between 2016 and 2024 in 3.3%.

  • Soft foam is the main product of this plate, 2015 global trading volume 55%. Terminal application industries such as the transportation and furniture upholstered in high demand, and are expected to drive growth.

  • 2014 construction sector accounted for one-fourth of the total trading volume, the increase in construction spending and regulatory intervention, growth is expected to continue to drive the sector.

  • Transportation industry growth as high as 4.1%. Asian countries, such as India, China, Indonesia and Thailand, the increase in car production is expected to be a key driver. Recovery from the financial crisis China-us and Europe's auto industry is expected to boost demand growth.

  • Emerging economies of China and India is a major consumer of polyurethane rigid foam flame retardant and adequate supply of raw material and the characteristics of rapid expansion. Global market for polyurethane foam is scattered, but there is a large integrated companies and independent producers. Major industry players including BASF, Huntsman, Trelleborg, Dow Chemical and Recticel foams.