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Xin'an Group was founded in 1965 and is located in Jiande City, Zhejiang Province. It was listed in September 2001. It is one of China’s top 500 chemical companies and one of the top 20 global agrochemical sales companies. The implementation of the strategy of modernization will transform into a modern service-oriented enterprise of "manufacturing + platform+ services". The company's main business is crop protection and organic silicon materials.

Quality Certification:

Phosphorus Pentachloride

Phosphorus Pentac...

It is a white or light yellow solid. It is often u

Aluminum Diethylphosphinate

Aluminum Diethylp...

ADP series of halogen-free flame retardants have t

Bisphenol A bis(diphenyl phosphate) (BDP)

Bisphenol A bis(d...

BDP is a halogen-free, low-smoke, and slightly tox

Triphenyl phosphate (TPP)

Triphenyl phospha...

TPP is a kind of environmentally friendly phosphor

Resorcinol (diphenyl phosphate) (RDP)

Resorcinol (diphe...

RDP is a halogen-free environmentally friendly fla

Zinc Diethylphosphinate (ZDP)

Zinc Diethylphosp...

ZDP is a new type of phosphorus flame retardant, w

Aluminum hypophosphite (AHP)

Aluminum hypophos...

AHP is an inorganic flame retardant with a very wi



TCPP is used in the production of Soft/Hard Polyur